Resources to help you plan your trip and promote it. If you need a resource that isn’t on this page, please call our Trip Services team at 619-662-1200 ext 3.

Amor Trip Planning Guides

Mexico Trip Planning Manual
Everything you need to know to plan an awesome Amor trip. Start your planning process here.

Minors List Notary (Mexico trips only)
The cover letter and list to use for minors whose legal guardians are not coming on the trip with them. CA groups will need the notary to sign pages 1 & 4.

Community Engagement Guide
Ways to get involved with the culture, beyond the house building experience.

Transportation and Border Crossing
Arrive prepared and make crossing the border as quick and easy as possible.

Fundraising Guide
Get help fundraising for your Amor trip with this helpful guide.

FMME Form Instructions
You’ll likely be required to present this Mexican Migration Form at the border. We highly recommend filling it out ahead of time, printing it and bringing it with you to save time at the border.

Packing List
Packing lists for individuals and groups

Participant Guide
A short guide to help participants with what to expect on their trip.

Border Crossing Foods
The US/Mexico border has restrictions on foods (meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy products). If you plan to bring items that have restrictions, you can bring them in small quantities and split amongst vehicles, based on the quantities in this guide. For more information or questions, please contact Emily at

Camp Rules & Worksite Safety
All groups must adhere to Amor’s camp rules and worksite safety guidelines.

Building Resources

Single House Planning Guide – Mexico
The plans for the basic home we build in Mexico. Review with your team before you arrive, and bring several copies for each of your worksites.

Site Foreman Guide
Tips and tricks for keeping everyone involved on the worksite. Have your site leaders review ahead of time.

Double Wide Addendum
A one-page supplement to our regular building guide if your group is building a double wide.

Puerto Peñasco Roofing Instructions
An updated guide to the roofing process in Puerto Peñasco

Large and Full Tool Set List
A list of what’s included in Amor’s tool rentals. Or use this as an inventory of all the tools you will need.

House Warming Gift Ideas
Ideas for giving the perfect gift to a family.

House Building Tips Field Guide
Tips for the most frequently asked questions.

Spanish & English Booklet
A small guide with Spanish and English phrases and words to help bridge communication. Includes names for tools/materials and common phrases for the worksite.

Amor Promotional Materials

Amor Trips Brochure
This is a printable brochure with an overview of our trip options.

‘Doors That Lock’ Documentary Film
‘Doors That Lock’ is an incredible film by Matt Nelson that follows the Amor Team and the families we serve, highlighting our impact in Mexico. If you’re planning on coming on a trip or just want to learn more about the Amor story, we encourage you to take some time to watch this film.