Our Team

US Team

Jon Wilson

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Erin Lyde

Admin Manager
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Forrest Fowler

Relationship Manager
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Gayla Congdon

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Scott Congdon

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Steve Horrex

VP of Global Development
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Emily Arnold Barrial

Amor Trip Manager
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LaDonna Barron

Specialty Trip Coordinator
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Amy Mathis

Specialty Trip Coordinator
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Annie Sunde

Marketing Manager
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Montse Laborin

Lead Storyteller
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Katie Quezada

Donor Relations Coordinator
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Trey Bosecker

Project Manager
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Construyendo Esperanza Team

Construyendo Esperanza (“Building Hope”), or the ‘CE Team’, is our team that works in Northern Mexico. This team works alongside groups that join us on Amor Trips in Baja (Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito) and Puerto Peñasco. One member of our CE Team also works in Juarez, leading house builds for our Complete House Sponsorship program.

Isaac Gomez

CE Team Lead

Misael Estrada

Field Team Lead

Martin Apaez

La Cocina Team Lead

Arturo Basulto

Field Team

Emmanuel Ayala

Field Team

Juan Garay

Field Team

David Esperano

Field Team

Osvaldo Mendoza

Logistics Team Lead

Gil Flores

Logistics Team

Miguel Dominguez

Logistics Team

Roberto Sanchez

Logistics Team

Alfredo Chavez

Ciudad Juarez Field Team

Norma Chavez

CE Team Administrative Assistant

Madai Estrada

Amor Store Manager

Yucatán Peninsula Team

Andy Schamerloh

Amor YP Operations/Development
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Jordan Congdon

Amor YP Team Lead
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April Congdon

Amor YP Team
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Board of Directors

Erik Khoobyarian, Chairperson

Li-An Leonard, Vice Chairperson

Jennifer McCain, Secretary

Seth Pruitt, Treasurer

Wende Holtzen, Board Member

Scott Congdon, Board Member

Gayla Congdon, Board Member

Chris Reed, Board Member

J.J. Peterson, Board Member