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The Amor Ministries’ culture is unique. We are, as individuals, driven and want nothing more than to serve God, the international Church, and the groups that serve with us. We all feel we have ownership in this ministry and the work that we produce reflects that attitude. Collectively, we will be louder and laugh more than any staff you have ever worked with in accomplishing these goals.

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To apply for a current job opening, download and complete an application and e-mail it along with a cover letter and resume to human resources.

Will I fit in at Amor?

Amor has a unique culture. Here are some important things that we identify with.

#1 – We love Jesus.

In all things we look to Jesus. We work because of him and we want our work to point to him.

#2 – We are diverse.

The churches we serve are diverse and our staff reflects that diversity. You are guaranteed to find someone here who thinks differently than you about just about anything theological, political, or even where the best tacos are. Iron sharpens iron and, in the end, see #1.

#3 – We have healthy conflict.

We are learners, which means that we are open to being better in all things which means we need to be able to discover with our coworkers how we can be better. Even when we seek to be better, it doesn’t always feel good to hear how to be better, so we always refer back to #1.

#4 – We eat together.

Any Christian community worth its salt breaks bread together. It breaks down barriers and creates opportunities for deeper relationships. When we meet, more often than not, we eat together. Sometimes we even compete in our annual Chili Cookoff!

#5 – We laugh.

Ministry is fun. We serve a savior whose first miracle was turning water into wine at a party. We are at a nexus point of people’s lives being transformed. Ministry is also hard which is why we make sure we laugh a lot.

#6 – We are servants.

The words, “That’s not my responsibility,” don’t exist with us. We go the extra mile with our groups, our donors, our pastors, and our teammates which frequently takes us outside of an eight-to-five schedule.

#7 – We constantly seek God.

We are structured like a business but we spend time listening to what God is saying to us as part of the body of Christ. When closeness and proximity to God is your top priority (see #1), there’s no more exciting place to be than to be listening.