One of the best ways you can support Amor is through
prayer. We’ve compiled a list of how you can pray for
different aspects of our ministry. Thank you –
your prayers make a difference!


  • For the governments in Mexico, South Africa and other nations in which we work. Continued relationships and favor with local communities and government officials.  
  • Sustained finances for the organization to continue to be able to meet the needs of our staff, pastors and families we serve.  
  • For the hearts of those who choose to serve alongside us. 
  • For more people to be involved with Amor and our mission.
  • Protection of environmental and human health as our world changes.  



  • Provision for better opportunities and support to every family.    
  • Safety and protection physically.  
  • Renewed hope for the future. 



  • For their individual ministries, churches and families.  
  • For a new generation of leaders and pastors to be trained by the existing pastors.  



  • Renewed spirits in the busy seasons of Amor.  
  • Ability to hire more staff.