Fundraise for Amor

One way you can continue to support Amor is by creating a fundraiser.

Facebook Fundraisers

  • Donate your birthday to make a lasting impact 
  • Instead of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Amor to support our mission
  • All donations go toward our ongoing ministry of meeting the immediate needs of families in Mexico through building homes, providing food through our pastors’ Food Banks, and more.
  • To create a fundraiser: click the button below, add your goal, and invite your friends to join you in dedicating your birthday to making a difference!

Other Ideas

  • Donate a portion of proceeds from a small business  
  • Fundraise for a running, biking or hiking goal 
  • Gather clothing for a consignment sale and donate proceeds 

Need more ideas or fundraising as a group? Check out our Fundraising Guide here.