If you are entering into Mexico, a valid passport is required. Please ensure your passport does not expire within 6 months of your trip.

Trips for Groups

Explore the different trip options we have for your group.

Impact Trip

Our Impact Trip is all-inclusive and perfect for your group of 15 adults or more. We provide the tents at our secure campground, all the building materials and tools, a pre-laid concrete slab, and water and authentic Mexican meals for 3 work days. An expert from Amor will also be with you on site to guide the building process.

When you join us on a trip, you’re not only partnering with Amor, but also with the local church and community. An Impact trip creates an average of 14 jobs for the local community – it creates jobs for the cooks in La Cocina, for the local workers that pour your concrete slab, and even for those that set up your tents at our campground.

Classic Amor Trip

For groups that want more flexibility in customizing their trip, we offer our Classic Amor Trip. Below are some of the options you can choose from to build the perfect trip for your group.

Building Options

  • Have the cement slab poured for you by local labor.
  • Rent tools from Amor that will be waiting at your worksite.

Camping Options

  • Have one meal or all of your meals provided for you by our La Cocina program or our partner Baja Cooks (Camping Pros).
  • Rent tents that are set up and waiting for you.
  • Rent a circus tent to provide a place for your group to gather.
  • Rent tables and chairs so you don’t have to travel with them.
  • Rent bleachers to provide seating around your campfire.

Community Engagement Options

  • Have one of our pastors speak to your group about their community.
  • Hire a translator for deeper conversations with the family.
  • Plan a community outreach with a local church.
  • Visit a local church.

What to Expect on an Amor Trip

At the Worksite

  • An expert from Amor will be with you on site to guide the building process.
  • It’s easy to think that the house is the most important part of the trip, but we are really here to love and serve people. Take time to talk to the family (even if you don’t know Spanish!), play with kids, or invite people to join in the work!
  • Discover that you can make a big impact in a few days!

At Camp

  • La Cocina, our catering service run by locals, can provide your group with meals for the weekend. They cook their own recipes and take care of meals, snacks, coffee, water, and Gatorade.
  • Camp caretakers watch the people and things at camp 24/7. Amor staff members will be with the group both at camp and at the worksite.
  • The experience at camp is very similar to how the families live – pit toilets (a port-a-potty over a hole in the ground) and bucket and/or solar showers.
  • Each night, your group has time to share about the day around your campfire and even hear from leaders in the community.

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