Meet Wicho

September 20, 2022

Meet Wicho. Wicho was a member of the Tortugas’ first tackle football team as a 14-year-old. He was a natural athlete, but didn’t understand the opportunities that sports could provide him. Like many kids in our community, he hadn’t been taught to have dreams. He ended up dropping out of school in 10th grade, which meant he wasn’t allowed to participate with the Tortugas. He was content with the status quo with no direction for over a year, until learning about the new high school we were launching. We were able to provide him with a full scholarship to our school along with a chance to play with the Tortugas again.

Wicho began to excel in the classroom and on the field, and his hard work set him apart from his peers. He was thriving! A local university noticed this and offered him a football scholarship. Wicho is now enrolled to start at Anáhuac University this fall and is on the pre-med track to become a doctor.

We long to see all the kids in our programs thrive like Wicho. To grow, learn, and succeed in whatever they are called to do. You can help them reach their dreams! By partnering with Amor YP in monthly support, you will help provide the supplies, equipment, coaches, and schooling for these amazing kids. Your support will allow others like Wicho to have a life they never dared to dream about.  Thank you for helping them to move from surviving to THRIVING!