Amor Yucat√°n Peninsula

Amor YP exists to help families in Puerto Morelos and Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo, and the Yucat√°n Peninsula to not only survive but also thrive. Your monthly gift helps families on this journey.

How We Are Making a Difference

Our goal is to help kids to develop spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want everyone to encounter Jesus daily in a tangible way.

Tortugas Sports Ministry

Over 75 kids (ages 4-18) participate in tackle football, flag football, basketball, track, soccer, and baseball teams.  Dedicated coaches foster discipline and accountability while establishing meaningful relationships with the players and families.  This provides an opportunity to further connect with the kids and invite them into faith conversations.


Starting early, Amor YP provides childhood learning opportunities through childcare (ages 0-3) in a loving and caring environment.  We want to create lifelong learners and help kids to thrive with a solid educational foundation.  This continues with our High School program developing students to pursue university degrees and bilingual education.  Future plans include establishing primary and secondary schools.

Faith Community

Through weekly youth group meetings, bible studies, and house church, children and their families are invited to grow in their faith and learn more about the Gospel.  The relationships and trust established through sports, childcare, and education allows the team to have meaningful conversations about our faith.

Why be a Sponsor?

In Puerto Morelos, many children see only day-labor at minimum wages ($10 USD per day), their dreams overshadowed. Amor Yucatan Peninsula changes this narrative. We believe in the power of dreams, and we believe in the potential of every child.

Through sports ministry and early learning, our mission is to kindle hopes and dreams. We coach, mentor, and uplift young hearts to envision a brighter future.

Your donation fuels this transformation. Join us to rewrite the story of Puerto Morelos children. Together, we can inspire dreams and create opportunities.

Sponsorship Options

Champion   $100/month

All Pro         $50/month

All Star        $25/month

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