A life-changing gift in just 3 days

January 2, 2024
“I am so happy to be living in my new home. Although it was built almost a year ago, I wanted to make some improvements before actually moving in; I recently added electricity and drywall.

I officially moved into my new home in March, and love it. I’m planning on adding tile and am so excited to finally have a floor in my home. I’m not struggling with my health anymore since this house does not have any mold. Many thanks to each person who was involved. I hope you continue to build more homes.” – Navor

63-year-old Navor had been struggling with his health while living in his old home full of mold and a dirt floor. He lives by himself and works as a food vendor, earning only $63/week. A group of participants that came together on an Amor 3 Day trip in 2022 built him a new home and changed his life forever.
Navor received his new home last year thanks to the hard work and generosity of one of our Amor Three Day Trips! Do you want to make an impact on more families like Navor’s? Learn how you can join us to build a house in just 3 days, transforming the life of a family.