WOS Outreach Project

Fundraising Goal: $2000

WOS Outreach Project

“When girls start their periods, it’s usually met with either feelings of excitement or dread, depending on how each girl views the coming changes that prepare them for womanhood. But for many girls in developing countries, it often comes as a ticking clock that marks the beginning of the end of their education.” – Kristy J. O’Hara-Glaspie

The urgency of this ticking clock created a passion in Zingisa Mapasa, Director of Amor South Africa during the Amor Women of Strength 2018 trip.  Zingisa was made aware of a solution to this monthly dilemma when one of our WOS ladies, Julie, brought some washable sanitary pads with her.  Zingisa began dreaming of not only providing washable sanitary pads to girls but teaching them how to make them for themselves.

Woman of Strength 2022 is the year to help stop this ticking clock and provide the necessary sanitary pads girls need. The WOS ladies on this trip will not only make the washable pads, but will also teach local ladies and girls how to make them. This is a big need, not just in South Africa but worldwide, because many girls have to leave school during their monthly cycle. Missing a week of school each month causes many to fall behind in their studies and eventually triggering them to drop out of school all together.

It is heartbreaking that being born with the gift to grow life can mean missing out on an education. We know how important an education is to break the cycle of poverty! By offering something so simple, most of us don’t even give it a second thought, girls can stay in school, go to work, and thrive in a new way without worry, concern, or embarrassment. Not to mention the health and environmental benefits.

Would you please be part of stopping this ticking clock by giving financially? Your donation will help us provide the materials needed for this special project. Thank you for joining us in making Zingisa’s dream come true.