Welcome to your Amor 3 Day Trip!

You’re headed to our Hacienda Camp in Tijuana:

Directions on Google Maps

You’ll find your Amor rep’s contact information below:

Juan Garay

Phone number:

What to expect on Arrival Day

  • You will load the bus at the designated time and location.
  • At the border, you will offload the bus with all your belongings before entering the Mexico Customs building.
  • Inside the customs building, you will:
    • Off-load all your luggage
    • Turn in/fill out FMME paperwork/passport, ensuring not to say you are there to work
    • Walk down the hallway to the luggage scanner
    • Gather luggage and head outside to reload the same bus once it has cleared its inspection/scan.
  • Upon arrival at camp, you will:
    • Offload and place your belongings in your tent
    • Grab breakfast and make your lunch.
    • Depart for the build project.

What to expect on Departure Day

Departure Day:

  • You will load the bus at Amor Camp
  • You will be taken to the United States San Ysidro (Main) Border Crossing
  • At the border crossing, you will:
    • Offload the bus with your belongings.
    • Line up with everyone on the sidewalk.
  • Once inside the United States Customs area:
    • You will present your passport
    • Your luggage may be scanned
  • After, you will proceed to the exit and walk to this location.
  • Reload the bus to be dropped off at the designated location.

To make a call from Mexico to the US, 001 + area code + phone number.

Amor’s emergency line:
001-619-662-1200 x 2

We also recommend that if you will have cell service, to download the app ‘WhatsApp’ for communication while in Mexico. To install WhatsApp, click here.