Family Camp

An experience like no other for your family. Build a home with other families alongside a family in need. See your kids, of every age, thrive as they serve.

Family Camp 2023

What could your family gain out of a week of building a home alongside a family in need? Family Camp is an experience like no other – you’ll have the opportunity to build a home alongside other families as you see your kids, of every age, thrive as they serve. We’d love to have your family join us!

“Amor Family Camp teaches our children that there are no boundaries, we are all God’s children. Sharing the mission experience with your children is a gift that will continue to give forever.”

Lisa Pozzo, Missouri

Trip Details

Trip Dates

June 17-24, 2023


Baja California, Mexico


Amigo Price for Adults registering before 4/1/23 : $940
Price for Adults registering 4/1/23 and later : $1000

Children 3-10: $550
Children 0-3: No charge

“We had saved up for years to take our 4 kids to a once in a lifetime vacation to Disneyworld. The next summer we went with Amor to build a house alongside a needy family.  After our experience in Mexico my 13 year old daughter said, ‘Daddy, let’s never take a vacation focused on us and let’s come back every year.’ That was 8 years ago and we have come back every year since.”

Hank & Tina Dreschler, California

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