Susana’s Story

January 21, 2022

Throughout my life my faith has been tested many times.  When I was pregnant, I remember feeling a strong pain in my womb so I anxiously went to the Doctor. At the time, the Doctor said my baby was fine but being 44 years old, I was at high risk of losing him. Weeks later the pain came back and my baby went to a better place. Not only did I lose my baby, I lost my faith as well. I felt so frustrated that I started crying out to God Рand He responded. He filled me with joy and he demonstrated his faithfulness to me. Now my faith does not decay. I have two daughters, two sons and two grandchildren who live with me. I did not think I was going to see future generations after me, but God allowed me to.  

There were times I did not have anything to eat or any blankets to cover my children from the cold, but somehow God always provided. Within my possibilities I tried to give my children the best, but the truth was, it was the worst conditions anyone could live in. My door was a blanket hanging from the ceiling. After 6 o’clock, I would tell my kids to be as quiet as possible, because I was afraid someone would realize they were alone at home without a lock or even a secure door. The only thing that separated my children from human trafficking was a blanket. My desire was to stay home to protect them, but I had to work since my husband left us. ¬†

When I was about to give up, hope knocked on my door. Pastor Ponce, without even knowing me, asked if I wanted a house. After a few weeks some people who had never met me before started building me a house. Not only did my children and I receive a safe home, but a group of women from my community also received shelter where they can now find hope through a Bible study that I lead. Thanks to you, my family and my community has been restored. 

From my community and my family, thank you!”

Susana Sedano