Keeping Families Together

January 12, 2022

Our Amor team in the Yucatán Peninsula has been operating a daycare center called “En Su Imagen” (In His Image) in Puerto Morelos, and this is just one of the many stories that reflects its transformative impact on the local community.

Our team members met a family that lived right across the street from the daycare. The parents had to make the very difficult decision of sending their young daughter to live with her grandma in Mexico City, since they couldn’t afford daycare even after working long hours just to afford to live in Puerto Morelos; this is not an uncommon problem for families in Mexico.

When our team heard this, she asked them if they knew about our daycare that had opened literally across the street. They had no idea, but tears of joy and excitement came when they learned about the daycare’s Christian focus and the affordable prices. They now had a path to reunite their family! Last month, the daughter came home from Mexico City and began attending En Su Imagen.

We’re so grateful for your generous gifts that allow us to open and operate En Su Imagen, reduce the cost for families in need, give quality care for children, and even provide a steady paycheck for the women who work there. Thank you!