New Beginnings

June 22, 2022

We visited Carina and her family a few months after they received their home. She talked to us about the changes their family has had, and a little about their daily life. Carina gives facials and sells natural handmade soaps for a living. Her husband, Juan, works in construction. Three out of their five children are currently working. One is a mechanic, and her two daughters sell secondhand items at street markets. With their combined salary, they have been able to live and make some improvements to their new home.  

Carina told us that they are originally from Jalisco. She used to have a house, several pieces of land, along with other properties where they would grow, harvest, and export bananas. Three years ago, they made the difficult decision to leave everything behind to start a new life in Tijuana, due to the high delinquency in Jalisco. She expressed that in their new community in Tijuana, she and her family feel completely safe. Her younger kids now have more opportunities to finish school, and her older kids can have a career.  

Before, there were 9 of them living in one house. With their new Amor house, they have more space for their family to sleep. Carina said that their new home has also allowed her to provide a place for her family and friends who need a safe and secure home, including one of her daughter’s friends that is living with them now. 

“To everyone who built the house, contributed economically, and has come to visit us after building, thank you so much. We couldn’t be better.” – Carina 

Thank you so much to First Chinese Baptist Church of Los Angeles for sponsoring her home and making this possible!