“Never, never stop building homes.”

January 20, 2022

These were the words spoken to us as Amor founder Scott Congdon was introduced to Maria through this photo, years ago. During this rainy day, we remembered why we build homes. This is her story, one that we will never forget.

Maria was born in the early 90’s in Tijuana, Mexico. Even though her family tried to keep her warm when a winter storm came, their home was not in good enough condition to protect them from the rain and the cold. Maria spent the last three hours of her life in a hospital.

Soon after, a pastor from the community met with them, and a group arrived at their doorstep a few weeks later to build them a new Amor house. Maria’s mother broke out in tears of joy for this gift from God, and wondered if Maria would still be here today if they had this home when she was born.

This story is, to this day, a reminder that our mission is not complete as long as there are families like Maria’s who are waiting for their miracle. To every group that has come, thank you for serving alongside Amor.