Meet the Jimenez Rubio Family

January 20, 2022

Pedro and his family live in the ‘San Rafael’ community of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. They were selected by pastor Julio Meza to receive their home. Pedro works in construction and earns about $64 per week. His wife Norma works by cleaning homes and earns about $64 per week. Pedro and Norma believe their children’s education is very important so the three oldest are enrolled in school. They spend around $150 in uniforms and school supplies. Their oldest child Angel has some learning disabilities that require them to seek therapy and consultation in a city about 5 hours away. Their old house was a one structure that is split into three small rooms. The floor was cement and the walls/roof was made of used woods. They have access to running water and electricity. Their new home allows this family of 7 more space, privacy and better living conditions overall. Pedro and Norma will be able to use their earnings to continue to invest in the education and wellbeing of their children rather than purchasing better materials for their current home. Thank you to Boulder Valley Christian Church for making this possible.