Meet the Dominguez Acuña Family

January 20, 2022

Jesus and his family live in the ‘San Rafael’ community of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. They were selected by pastor Carlos Adame to receive their home.

Jesus works in construction and earns about $64 per week. He and his wife Sara have one daughter named Melanny. They believe that their daughter’s education is very important so she is currently enrolled in primary school. In Mexico, you have to pay enrollment fees, for uniforms as well as required school supplies. They estimate that they pay around $130 annually for those things. As Melanny gets older, that cost will increase as she progresses through higher grades. There are also some health concerns in the family that require paying for medication each month.

Their old house was a one room structure with a dirt floor. The walls and roof were made from used plywood and other scrap wood. They do not have access to running water and do not have electricity.

Their new home will give them more space, security (a locking door), and better living conditions overall. It will help them to continue to invest in their daughter’s education and the wellbeing of their family rather than buying better materials for their current home. Thank you to United Church of Los Alamos for making this possible by sponsoring their home!