Meet the Cruz Hernandez Family

January 12, 2022

Jesus (41) lives with his wife Maria (31) and their four children; Elvira (13), Oscar (9), Adriana (5) and Pedro (3). Jesus works in construction and makes around $50- 100/week. Elvira and Oscar are enrolled in school. In 2014, the family moved to Tijuana from Sinaloa, Mexico, in search of a better life. The family is living on land that they are making payments on. Their previous home had been lost in a fire. Until their Amor home was built, they were living in a one room structure that was made of used wood and had a dirt floor. Their new home has helped them have more space and security. With a locking door and windows, it will help keep them and their possessions safe. Thank you to First Community Church of Columbus for making this possible, and helping build hope in the lives of this beautiful family!