Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday is on November 29th, and this year we’re taking you ‘Behind the Blue Shirt’ for an inside look at a few of our incredible Mexico Team members. Our goal is to raise $16,000 to support our Mexico Team’s salaries for one month.

Our Mexico Team is truly the heart of Amor. From serving as Field Specialists on your trips, caring for our camps, building homes alongside families, to all the behind the scenes preparations their work entails – our ministry would not be possible without them.

Giving Tuesday Schedule:

9am*: Giving Tuesday begins on Facebook Live!

Join us for a special kick-off video featuring our Mexico Team, along with a message from Amor CEO Jon Wilson to introduce the day’s events.

12pm*: Join us on Facebook Live as we go ‘Behind the Blue Shirt’ with Gil Flores, one of our Logistics Team members.

Montse Laborin, Amor Storyteller, will be joined by Gil at his Amor home for a conversation – from his life in Mexico, first learning about the ministry, to his most impactful experiences as an Amor team member.

6pm*: Join us for ‘Let’s Talk!’, a podcast-style event on Facebook Live.

Montse Laborin will be joined by Mexico Team members Isaac Gomez, Misael Estrada, Miguel Dominguez, and Juan Garay for a conversation about who they are and their experiences at Amor. Have a question for the team that you’d like to hear answered during the podcast? Submit it in the form below, and we’ll answer as many as we can! 

*times are in PST

Giving Tuesday – Podcast Questions

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  • Tell us a bit about you! How many Amor Trips you’ve been on/with what group, or are you a donor, have you volunteered with us, worked for us, or just simply love Amor?
  • If you select yes, we won’t mention your name on our live video when we’re answering questions. If you select no, we’ll give you a shoutout!