A home for Abel

May 10, 2023
Meet Abel. He has been part of the Amor Team for six years, working as a caretaker at our Hacienda Camp in Tijuana. Our team members in Mexico describe him as a noble and responsible person with a good heart. If you’ve been to our camp, you’ve probably received a warm greeting from him at the entrance.

Even though he has been part of our team for years, he had never expressed his own need for a home. It wasn’t until Miguel, his supervisor, had given him a ride home that he saw the state of his house – it was a small room, 2 meters by 2 meters, and made of used, rotting lumber. Water would leak through the roof, and there was no protection from the wind.

Miguel rushed to see if we could build Abel’s family a house, and within days our team in Mexico built him one. In their new home, Abel’s 8-year-old daughter is sleeping safely. His wife no longer worries about anyone getting sick due to the conditions they are living in. Abel lives peacefully, knowing that he does not need to get more used lumber or fix anything now that he has a bigger, safe home.

A special thanks to Amor 365 and our Complete House Sponsorship donors for making this possible. Thanks to your generous hearts, Abel and his family have a safe home to live in. Gracias!