Familia Ponce Velazquez

January 2, 2024

When we met Ana Maria (77), she was living with her two granddaughters: Damaris (32) and Gabriela (25). Ana Maria was receiving a pension of only $62/week, while Damaris worked as a school teacher and Gabriela was attending university. In the summer of 2022, their family received their new Amor home. We had the opportunity to check in with Ana Maria a year later, and she shared how their new home has impacted their family.

“We have been living in our new home for a year now. There are currently 4 of us living here, and we all feel very comfortable and have been healthy. We also now have a living room which we did not have in our old house. I am thankful for your nobleness and the generosity of your heart. Thank you.”

Thank you to Amor Europe for joining us on an Amor Trip and making this possible!